Updated on August 18, 2023, enabling VIP mode

Dear users,

We are pleased to announce our latest updates! In this release, we have made significant improvements. Here are the details of the update:

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed an issue with unsaved input in the text box: We have fixed a bug where input information was not saved properly, and now your input will be correctly saved.
  • Fixed error when page hangs for a long time: We have resolved an issue where an error occurred when the page was left idle for a long time. Now, if the page has been idle for a while, it will refresh when you use it again.
  • Fixed the issue of chat record order being mixed up: We have fixed an issue where the order of chat records was mixed up. Now, you can retrieve chat records in the correct order.


  • Keyboard scrolling for the chat page: You can now use keyboard keys to scroll through the chat page, making it more convenient to view the chat history.
  • Optimized WeChat user login process: After binding your phone number, you can use the one-click login feature with your phone number for a more convenient experience.
  • Added a return button on the login page: We have added a return button on the login page to make it easier for you to go back to the previous step.
  • Optimized payment reminders: We have set usage limits for the Smart AI-4 model, so please be mindful of your usage.

[Major Updates]

We are excited to announce the following new features and AI bots:

  • New Azure AI bot: Enables more professional creations.
  • New Tian Tian Liao AI Intelligent Painting: Tian Tian Liao AI can now create intelligent paintings, adding more color to your creations.
  • New Tian Tian Liao AI Professional Edition: The professional edition of Tian Tian Liao AI, offering more specialized features and services.
  • New Midjourney AI Painting: Allows for intelligent painting, adding more creativity to your artwork.
  • PC WeChat QR code login
  • VIP mode enabled: Non-VIP users receive 1 free conversation per model per day (the free conversations do not accumulate), while VIP users have unlimited usage for all models except Smart AI-4.
  • Usage limits for Smart AI-4 model: We have set usage limits for the Smart AI-4 model, so please be mindful of your usage.

We appreciate your continued support and attention! We will continue working hard to provide you with high-quality, convenient, and reliable services!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

The GPTBiz Team August 18, 2023

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please let me know. I am here to help!