GPTBiz-4 New Upgrade! Attachment Upload Feature Now Live, Making Your Work Even More Convenient !

Hello everyone! Thank you for your continuous support and trust in GPTBiz.

In order to provide a superior work experience, we are delighted to announce that the all-new GPTBiz-4 version is officially live, featuring one of the most anticipated functions — the attachment upload feature!

Why use the attachment upload feature?

Data Processing Power: GPTBiz-4 can process and analyze the content of uploaded documents, allowing users to receive answers based on more specific and complex information. This is particularly useful for scenarios requiring the analysis or extraction of information, such as handling large amounts of text data or understanding complex reports or research papers.

Enhanced Interactivity and Personalization: The attachment upload feature enables users to engage in more personalized and specific interactions. Users can upload their own documents or images, allowing GPTBiz-4 to provide analysis, explanations, or other forms of interactive feedback based on these specific contents.

Expanded Application Scenarios: By uploading attachments, GPTBiz-4’s application scenarios are expanded. It goes beyond text generation and can now perform functions such as image description, data analysis, interpretation of educational materials, and more, meeting a wider range of needs.

Improved Accuracy and Relevance: When users upload specific attachments, GPT-4 can directly extract information from these materials, providing more accurate and relevant answers. This is particularly important in scenarios that require in-depth analysis and discussion of specific topics or materials.

Support for Complex Problem Solving: For complex problems requiring in-depth analysis or relying on specific data, the attachment upload feature allows GPT-4 to access a richer source of information, providing more detailed and in-depth answers.

Increased Privacy Protection: Users can directly upload files instead of copying and pasting content into the chat interface, providing additional privacy protection when dealing with sensitive or private information.

Using the attachment upload feature of GPT-4 significantly enhances the user experience, allowing artificial intelligence to provide more personalized, accurate, and in-depth services.

Highlights of the New Features

Support for Various File Types: GPT-4 can handle various types of files, including but not limited to text documents, PDF files, images, and more. This diversity allows GPT-4 to adapt to various usage scenarios and demands.

Deep Information Extraction and Analysis: Compared to simple text input, the attachment upload feature allows GPT-4 to conduct deeper analysis of file contents. It can understand and interpret complex information from documents, such as extracting key viewpoints from academic papers or describing scenes from images.

Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness: For users dealing with large amounts of text or complex data, the attachment upload feature significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of information processing. Users don’t need to manually input large amounts of content to get detailed and accurate analysis results.

Cross-Language Capability: GPT-4’s powerful language model supports multi-language input, meaning users can upload non-English files and still receive high-quality analysis and feedback, greatly enhancing its global applicability.

How to use the new feature?

  1. Click on to log in to GPTBiz.

  2. Enter the GPTBiz-4 robot page.

  3. Click on the “Upload Attachment” button on the page.

  4. Select the file you want to upload and enter the command you want the robot to execute, then wait for the system to complete the upload.

  5. Click send and wait for the reply.

Isn’t it simple? With this feature, you will easily complete file analysis and management, making your work more efficient.

Your feedback is crucial to us!

During the use of the new feature, if you have any suggestions, opinions, or encounter issues, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can better meet your needs.

Thank you for your continuous support for GPTBiz. We will continue to strive to provide you with a higher quality and more convenient work experience. Let’s welcome the new era of GPTBiz-4 together!

Wishing you a pleasant work experience!

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