A Guide to Maintaining Character Consistency with DALL-E3

DALL-E3 excels in semantic understanding and execution capabilities; you just need to input colloquial Chinese without any professional terminology or parameters, making it highly suitable for creating images for social media due to its flexibility and convenience.

However, Midjourney has advantages over DALL-E3, including higher image quality and stronger artistic and realistic impressions.

This article briefly explains how to maintain character consistency in images generated by DALL-E3.

What is a Seed Value?

Both DALL and MJ generate a new random seed value for each image. We can use this seed value to modify characters.

Modifying Photos Based on Seed Value

What is a GenID?

Also known as an Image ID, in the DALL-E image generation system, each generated image is assigned a unique Image ID, which is used to label and track each image produced by DALL-E.

Prompt: Alright, now I need you to maintain the Image ID “GQU05f8KNkOA58e7” for all the images in the following conversations to ensure consistency in the images generated. If you understand, please say “Understood.”

Running to the Stall

Angry Conversation

Is it not incredibly simple and useful? That’s all for today’s introduction. If there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask GPTBiz-4 directly; asking directly usually yields very good results and is well detailed.

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