Simultaneously Launched: Domestic Users Get a First Look at the Latest GPT-4o Model!

A Boon for Domestic Users — GPTBiz Simultaneously Launches GPT-4o, Available Now!

GPT-4o, the latest intelligent model released by OpenAI, is redefining how we interact with AI. As the newest version in the GPT series, GPT-4o not only boasts significant performance improvements but also brings revolutionary changes in multimodal processing capabilities.

How to Start Using GPT-4o

How to Use GPTBiz: Domestic users can access GPT-4o through the GPTBiz platform, leveraging its powerful data processing capabilities for business automation, customer service optimization, and intelligent analysis. GPTBiz provides detailed usage guides and technical support to help businesses quickly adopt GPT-4o.

What is GPT-4o? GPT-4o is a new generation AI model launched by OpenAI, with the “o” in its name representing “omni,” indicating its ability to process various data types, including text, images, and audio. Compared to its predecessor, GPT-4, GPT-4o has notable improvements in speed, efficiency, and multimodal integration.

Main Features of GPT-4o

  • Text Processing: GPT-4o inherits and enhances the powerful text processing capabilities of GPT-4, generating more fluent and coherent text suitable for writing, translation, conversation, and various other scenarios.
  • Visual Capability: With enhanced image processing capabilities, GPT-4o can perform image recognition, generation, and description, providing users with a richer visual interaction experience.
  • Audio Processing: GPT-4o also possesses strong audio processing capabilities, enabling speech recognition and generation. It can genuinely understand emotions, tone, pitch, and speed, simulating these human reactions end-to-end in real-time, setting it apart from traditional TTS (text-to-speech) systems.

Summary from Video Lectures:
Summary from Video Lectures:

The capabilities of GPT-4o far exceed what is presented here. The official blog provides more examples, including real-time translation, conversations between two GPT-4o models, assisting the visually impaired in recognizing their environment, video conferencing, interview assistance, language learning aid, math learning, singing lullabies, and more.

Advantages of GPT-4o

  • Speed and Efficiency: GPT-4o has significant improvements in processing speed and computational efficiency, enabling users to obtain desired results faster, thereby increasing work and life efficiency.
  • Multimodal Integration: GPT-4o can simultaneously process text, images, and audio, providing more comprehensive solutions suitable for a wider variety of application scenarios.
  • User-Friendliness: The brand-new desktop application and improved user interface design make using GPT-4o more intuitive and convenient.

Consistent Character/Style for Continuous Story Generation:
Consistent Character/Style for Continuous Story Generation:

GPT-4o makes operations like directly generating text-containing images, maintaining character consistency, and creating posters with integrated graphics simpler and easier than ever (more examples can be found on the official website).\

Practical Applications

  • Daily Use Cases: Users can utilize GPT-4o as a personal assistant to help complete daily tasks, such as writing, learning, and information retrieval. It can also serve as an educational tool, assisting in learning and knowledge acquisition.
  • Industry Applications: In industries like healthcare, finance, and customer service, GPT-4o can provide precise text, image, and voice processing services, improving industry efficiency and service quality. For example, in the healthcare sector, GPT-4o can assist doctors in analyzing medical images and patient records.

GPT-4o is the first model to integrate all modalities. OpenAI has updated the documentation to introduce GPT-4o: 128k context, trained up to October 2023 (compared to GPT-4-Turbo, trained up to December 2023). GPT-4o brings a faster, more efficient AI experience to users, offering a more natural and intuitive interaction by comprehensively processing text, images, and audio. As technology continues to evolve, GPT-4o’s future application prospects are undoubtedly broader, bringing more innovation and convenience to various industries. 👇 Experience Entry

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